In June 2018, we put on a production of Carmen, which was our largest production to date! The whole production turned out to be a huge success, but rather than explain it in our own words, here's some of the feedback we got from our audience:

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“I’ve never seen an opera before… this was AMAZING. Well done!”

“Incredible voices and acting. My first opera experience and it was really amazing.”

"I’ve been to Covent Garden, And also down to Glyndebourne, I’ve listened well at Grange Park, Ditto down at Holland Park. Vienna Opera House eat your heart out, The Opera Shack has surpassed them all, Tonight we’ve had a total ball.”

“Amazing voices and quirky location - really authentic and fun! 10/10.”

“Wonderful. Beautiful singing and superb direction. Poignant and pertinent in equal measure.”

"Great interpretation delivered skilfully throughout. Look forward to attending the screening and bringing more people along. Very powerful.”


“I’ve had a fabulous evening and Carmen has made my day so much better! I’m so impressed by the level of talent, commitment and dedication the cast have put into the show, and I hope to see them all go far! I love the attention to detail (yes, I’m talking about the dressing room), the immersive, interactive nature of the show and also, A FEMALE CONDUCTOR! You should all be so proud! Keep raising the roof!”

“Fantastic, absolutely brilliant. What a wonderful thing to be happening in Manchester - more, please - and soon!”

"Absolutely incredible! So much talent on such a tiny stage. Congratulations on a fantastic performance and thought-provoking adaptation. Thank you for a lovely evening.”

“I’ve never seen opera before. But I will see it again! Keep up this great project.”

“What a FAB performance. Everything you could wish for: tense, passionate, riveting and beautifully performed. Wonderful music and superb direction. Encore!”

“Incredible!!! Amazing collaboration between wonderful musicians, artists, direction and creatives - Manchester needs more of this.”

“Absolutely phenomenal production! Incredible acting, singing and direction! 10/10.”

“Very moving, clever, and spectacular! Well done, fantastic production.”

“An amazing performance, it was so engaging and felt so relevant. So moving and powerful!”

“Thank you so much. What a wonderful ensemble performance. You performed miracles in a small space. Your voices worked beautifully together with stunning solo performances. Encore!”

“Dear Opera Shack, 

Thank you for guiding me through my first opera experience. From what I always assumed was an old-school thing, you brought it straight to me in 2018 (via the 1920s) with a bang. Good luck for any future show!

All the Best,


“Bloody Brilliant! Incredible musicality, talent and hard hitting emotion. Loved it all.”

“Absolutely stunning everyone. Wonderful to watch, to be involved… Where this is going… It seems pretty clear that I am not of the last to be so moved by The Opera Shack. Congratulations.”

“An incredible performance that beautifully portrayed an important message. Loved every minute! So passionate. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.”

“Seriously enjoyable! So engaging and a very important message. The 1920s theme was also so well integrated.”

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“Amazing! Not what I was expecting but in a great way. It felt very accessible, having never been to an opera before; but the live music, band and singing were fabulous. Well done everyone.”

“Amazing production, incredible singers and brilliant direction. It was engaging, thrilling and emotional - everything you’d want in a performance. Keep up the great work!”

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Pre Interval: “Brilliant so far. Feels accessible to all audiences. The spoken word sections allow those who don’t know the story to keep up and break the 4th wall in a way that’s illuminating and also funny, as well as being performed really well by Tom Roberts.”

Post Interval: “Very good to see the story portrayed from Carmen’s point of view - adds and interesting and important spin on the story. Brings opera into the 21st Century focusing on important issues whilst telling a classic story. The singing is really good - very moving and exciting. Love the movement around the set - not a dull moment. I was also pleased to see the production and performance not taking themselves too seriously - a really fun step forward for an often ‘stuffy’ genre. Really impressed! Will definitely come back to see another Opera Shack performance!”

Emma Doherty